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Moon Phases Earrings
Moon Phases EarringsMoon Phases EarringsMoon Phases EarringsMoon Phases EarringsMoon Phases EarringsMoon Phases Earrings

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Hey Luni lovers,

The Moon Phases Earrings are one of Luni Classics from our Amor Celestial collection. It's one of my personal favorites and our Luni lovers too. 

Inspired by the phases of the moon (the crescent and the full ) each pair comes with each. We enjoy being unique here at Luni and mismatched earrings are exactly what we are all about. Show off your uniqueness with the Moon Phases Earrings.

 The Moon is a feminine symbol, universally representing the rhythm of time as it embodies the cycle. The phases of the moon symbolize immortality and eternity, enlightenment or the dark side of Nature herself. It might reflect inner knowledge, or the phases of man's condition on earth, since it controls the tides, the rains, the waters, and the seasons. It is the middle ground between the light of the sun and the darkness of night, and thus often represents the realm between the conscious and the unconscious

The Moon beads are made of Mother of Pearl, Lemon Chrysoprase and a Gold Filled chain or Sterling Silver chain. You can choose between Gold Filled or Sterling Silver earrings.

The Moon Phases Earrings are super lightweight and brushes the shoulder lightly.  A stud post finishes off the earring and it’s Gold Filled or Sterling Silver. These earrings come along with Gold plated and Silver plated earring nut pads for extra comfort.

Every Luni item is made to order, please allow 1 to 2 weeks for shipment.

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