Amazona Necklace
Amazona NecklaceAmazona NecklaceAmazona NecklaceAmazona NecklaceAmazona Necklace

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One of my personal favorite necklaces in the collection , The Amazona Necklace is fierce, sexy, fearless and bold . This breathtaking necklace fans across the chest , creating a powerful, fierce amour for the Warrior Goddess inside of you. Made with bright Yellow Howlite spikes that go across the chest with a solitary Red Howlite Spike for dramatic effect. The top layer is a small strand of Yellow Turquiose beads with a center Red wooden bead. Two antique hammered Brass cone beads top of the color combo and wooden beads finish off this show stopper. The Amazona Necklace sits just above the chest, the Howlite spikes fans flat across the chest. It can be worn with a low V neck bodysuit as pictured for a ultra sexy look. it can also be worm higher up for a casual look. Let you Warior Goddess come out with this necklace!   This piece is made to order, please allow 1 to 2 weeks for shipment.

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