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Crowned Cuff
Crowned CuffCrowned CuffCrowned CuffCrowned Cuff

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The Crowned Cuff is named appropriately, this Aluminum cuff has the appearance of a modern royal crown, modern in the sense that it is futuristic and beyond it's time. It serves to represent the divinity in all of us, especially women who are all queens by birthright and demeanor. The circle in the center of the cuff is symbolic of the Sun in our galaxy, representing the center of the galaxy and our source of life, energy and power. The cuff is very light and adjustable in the back for a custom fit. It can be work high on the upper arm or resting on the wrist. Measuring a lil over 2'' in height and 7'' in length. Hammered and wax polished for a matte finish. The Crowned Cuff is one size fits all due to the open back, that can be adjusted for a desired fit.   This piece is made to order so please allow 1 to 2 weeks days for shipment.
  • Please be advised that this cuff is made of Aluminum . If you are allergic to Aluminum this can cause a bad reaction.

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