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Orthocera Fossil Bowl
Orthocera Fossil BowlOrthocera Fossil BowlOrthocera Fossil Bowl

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  • Part of our Living Room category
  • Made of genuine Orthocera Fossil, size variations are expected with each Orthocera Fossil bowl
  • Can be used to store small jewelry or keys and nick-knacks
  • Add this to your altar and receive the powers of Orthocera Fossil
  • Delivered in its padded box for extra protection


Another beautiful addition to our living room collection. Definitely not made to eat from, it is more of a decorative bowl that can hold your crystals or your keys! As pictured, this small but shallow bowl can fit several crystals and is lightweight. Add this to your altar to hold your crystals or any other addition.


When it comes to the energy in which Orthocera fossil possess, it's all about the ancient knowledge this sea creature holds. Having roamed the seas over 400 million years ago, this creature was living in a world that looked much different than it does today. By meditating with the fossil’s energy, one may feel a connection to that ancient Earth and all the knowledge that it contains. This stone will offer up an abundance of life force energy which can be used in areas where we need it most. 


The Orthocera Fossil Bowl is the perfect self-love gift for yourself or a loved one. Transform your home into a zen sanctuary with Luni.


This listing is for one Orthocera Fossil Bowl without the crystals as pictured.

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