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Inner Wisdom Necklace
Inner Wisdom NecklaceInner Wisdom NecklaceInner Wisdom NecklaceInner Wisdom Necklace

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  • Part of our Divine Feminine collection
  • Made of Brass that is plated in 14k Gold
  • Made with genuine Onyx 
  • 24 inches long
  • Gold plated items should not be showered with or used with a polishing cloth

Hey Diosas,

Another beautiful addition to the Divine Feminine Collection!

The Inner Wisdom Necklace has to be our favorite piece from the new collection. This striking necklace will become your favorite as well, definitely a standout piece. 

We named it “Inner Wisdom” in honor of the focal eye design. We all seek inner wisdom and are all on our perspective, the journey towards enlightenment. As the saying goes, “the only way out is through” only when we look within will we find what we seek. To enhance this beauty even further, we paired this piercing eye design with a gorgeous massive Onyx to ward off any bad juju trying to mess up your flow. 

Eye symbolism has been around for ages and used in many different cultures. “So many ancient traditions identify the birth-giving goddess with the All-Seeing Eye that there might well be an archetypical connection. In Egypt, the universal mother-word Maa was the name of the Goddess and a hieroglyphic eye. The name of the Gaelic Sun-Goddess Sulis was related to suil, an eye”. Excerpt from The Women’s Dictionary of Symbols and Sacred Objects. 

The Inner Wisdom Necklace is made of Brass that is Gold Plated, a gorgeous Brass Snake chain that is also Gold Plated, and a breathtaking Onyx. It measures over 24 inches making it fall right below the chest. We designed it so the eye sits close to the chest for a bigger artistic impact and spiritually assists the wearer. It is finished off with a Gold Filled clasp.

Onyx is a very grounding stone. It is beneficial for those to be thought flighty by nature or have difficulty concentrating or focusing one’s attention. A strengthening stone may assist one in approaching a lesson or task with greater self-confidence and determination. A wonderful stone for anyone under extreme mental or emotional stress brings balance to the body and strength and harmony to the mind. Thought to increase intuition, instinct, happiness, and decreasing sexual desire when it comes to negative energy or habitual nature.  

This piece is made of Brass (that is Gold Plated); please be mindful of allergies when ordering.

Every Luni item is made or order, so; please allow 1 to 2 weeks for shipment.

*Due to a surge in plating fees, the prices for the Inner Wisdom Necklace have risen.  


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