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Manifest Your Power Necklace
Manifest Your Power NecklaceManifest Your Power NecklaceManifest Your Power NecklaceManifest Your Power NecklaceManifest Your Power Necklace

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  • The new addition to the Divine Feminine collection
  • Powerful talisman necklace
  • Made of Sterling silver chain and pendant
  • Comes in 2 crystals: Onyx and Labradorite
  • Falls just above the chest, chain is 24" long


The Manifest Your Power necklace was inspired by the alchemical symbolism of triangles. Luni loves triangles, and we have an ancestral link to them. This everyday shape has ancient and magical meanings, we use the triangles, and this necklace is another beautiful addition to our 🔺 obsession.  


Triangles have had several different meanings throughout history; some are ascension, illumination, and manifestation. Historical and cultural meanings range from religious to celestial. Triangles also have represented men and women, men being represented as an upright triangle and women being represented as a downward triangle.


At Luni, we try to create beautiful and powerful talismans for our Diosas that help empower and remind us all of the Goddesses we truly are. The Manifest Your Power Necklace was designed as an embodiment of self-manifestation through the power of the triangle (power of 3) and the gemstones used. 


Find out the healing properties of the Onyx and Labradorite that the Manifest Your Power necklace is made of on our Minerals & Crystals page.



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