How to Start Your Crystal Collection

How to Start Your Crystal Collection

Hey Diosa!

As you can see, we love CRYSTALS here are Luni Style. Not just because of their beauty but also their power. I get asked all the time how to start a crystal collection, my best advice is to let the crystals choose YOU. 

Letting your intuition choose the crystals you need at the moment is the most natural ways to start your crystal collection. This can be achieved in so many ways, if purple is your favorite color and Amethyst  catches your eye, you might possibly need the calming and healing energy in your current life. Similarly if pink your main color, Rose Quartz might stop you in your tracks letting you know that you're in need more self love in your life. 

My love and respect for crystals have grown over the years. I have learned so many lessons from crystals, they have been an amazing teacher. When I started Luni Home and Luni Magic, I was led to use my intuition to help guide me in curating all the items for you all. The journey has been transformative and life changing

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