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Luni Magic

Fluorite Palm Stones

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  • Part of our Palm Stones category
  • Made of genuine Fluorite
  • Each palm stone is about 2.5" long
  • Listing is for ONE palm stone chosen at random.
  • Fluorite comes in a range of shades, as pictured


Aren't palm stones amazing?


We fell in love with the Fluorite Palm Stones and just had to add them to our Luni Magic collection.


Rainbow Fluorite activates and cleanses all chakras and stabilizes the aura. It improves mental focus, clarity, concentration, and memory. It helps one quickly absorb and retain new information. It strengthens discipline and encourages one to incorporate structure and order in their life with positivity and to balance the energies. 


Palm stones are a great addition to your crystal collection and your meditation routine. Hold the palm stone in your hand and meditate on the intention you want to receive from it. Fluorite assists with clearing negative energy and aiding in decision making. Hold your Fluorite Palm Stone in your hand when you need to get rid of any negative energy that is stopping you from making the right decisions to live your best life!


The picture should be used as a stock photo; each Fluorite Palm Stone will vary slightly in color.


This listing is for ONE Fluorite Palm Stone chosen at random.


This Luni item is ready to ship 1-2 days after ordering.





Please refer to our above description for variations.

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