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Bloodstone Tumbled Stone
Bloodstone Tumbled StoneBloodstone Tumbled StoneBloodstone Tumbled Stone

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  • Part of our crystal collection
  • Genuine Bloodstone
  • Each tumbled Bloodstone will vary slightly in size and characteristics, roughly .5" in length.
  • This listing is for ONE Bloodstone tumbled stone.


We are so excited about our new loose stones!


We are big crystal fans! We carry them on us everywhere we go. Our Crystals category is for Luni lovers at all levels of the crystal journey. We believe the best way to pick stones is to let them pick you. We have seen it so many times where we fall in love with a crystal, and when we read its properties, it is the right crystal we needed at the time.


 Bloodstone is a thought-provoking amulet that aids in the process of manifesting our subconscious ideas into reality. It helps break the mold of our endless monotonous cycles by helping us aspirate to who we truly want to be. Bloodstone reminds us that the only judge of our thoughts and actions should be no one other than ourselves. You will only decide the direction you choose to go in this life. 


Let these magical beauties choose you!



The picture should be a stock photo; each tumbled Bloodstone will vary slightly in size and characteristics.


This listing is for ONE tumbled Bloodstone chosen at random.


This Luni item is ready to ship 1-2 days after ordering.

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