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Mini Dragonfly Talisman

Mini Dragonfly Talisman

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  • Part of our Talismans category
  • Choose between 4 crystals: Clear Quartz, Flower Agate, Unakite, and Tiger’s Eye
  • Made of genuine Clear Quartz, Flower Agate, Unakite, and Tiger’s Eye.
  • Each Mini Dragonfly Talisman measures about 1 inch.
  • Listing is ONE Mini Dragonfly Talisman chosen at random from each crystal.
  • Each Mini Dragonfly Talisman will vary slightly in color and characteristics.

The Mini Dragonfly Talismans are part of our new Talismans category. This amazing category has historical and ancestral crystal totems that you can carry with you or keep in your altar.


The dragonfly is an important symbol in many countries with its significance ranging from representing change, self-realization, rebirth, happiness, good luck, and financial gain as well as insight. It teaches us to love life, to rejoice and have faith even amidst difficulties.


Choose your desired crystal and read about its healing properties below.


Tiger's Eye is the stone of luck and good fortune to attract a steady money flow to the home. It carries the energies of a combination of sun and earth elements, making its powerful stone of grounding and energizing vibrations. Tiger's Eye warns against complacency and gives one the courage to step out of their comfort zone and take immediate action to achieve their goals. Use as a support stone for determination and to overcome fear during exams, competitions, public performances, selling one's creations in the marketplace, or presenting ideas in important meetings. 


Unakite has a gentle and comforting energy that promotes feelings of gratitude. It has a special connection with one's heart and aids in a more profound understanding of your emotional body. Unakite helps one see the beauty in life and appreciate all the little things. Unakite works to remove obstacles to one's personal growth and allows one to find inner peace. It's a powerful transformation talisman that is here to strengthen your heart and bridge the gap where new opportunities await!


The best analogy to describe the beautiful energy flowing from Flower Agate is “from seed to blossom”, as it enables one to grow and reach their full potential. It is recommended to be worn by anyone beginning a new endeavor, such as starting a new business.  


Clear Quartz is a powerful stone often called a "master healer." It can be programmed to manifest any intention, whether personal, spiritual, or financial. Clear Quartz protects against negativity, attunes to your higher self, and relieves pain. It cleanses all the chakras, clears stagnant energy, and opens the mind to higher guidance. Clear Quartz provides information for the higher self to assimilate into one's spiritual growth.  

This listing is for ONE Mini Dragonfly Talisman in your desired crystal, chosen at random.


This Luni item is ready to ship 1-2 days after ordering.


Please refer to our above description for variations.

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