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Ymehcla Diosa Earrings
Ymehcla Diosa Earrings

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Hey Luni lovers,

New addition to the Geo Minimal collection!

The Ymehcla Diosa Earrings are our biggest earrings yet, but still surprisingly lightweight.

"Ymehcla” is Alchemy backwards since these beauties are the inverted version of our popular Alchemy Triangle Earrings. They are cousins lol. After we discovered how ethereal the word sounded, almost god like, we decided to name it Ymehcla Diosa Earrings. To help our Luni lovers to feel like the Diosas they were born to be. These beauties will guide you to invoke the Diosa in you ❤️

Both the Ymehcla Diosa Earrings and the Alchemy Triangle Earrings are inspired by ancient protection symbols against evil. 

Look stylish and feel protected with this new beauty.

The Ymehcla Diosa Earrings are made of Brass with Gold Filled ear wires.

Every Luni item is made to order, please allow 1 to 2 weeks for shipment.

  • Please be advised that these earrings are made of Brass. If you are allergic to Brass this can cause a bad reaction.


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