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Chevron Amethyst Phone Grip
Chevron Amethyst Phone GripChevron Amethyst Phone GripChevron Amethyst Phone Grip

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  • Part of our Crystals category
  • Genuine Chevron Amethyst
  • Collapsible
  • It can be used on the back of any phone; it has a strong 3M adhesive.


The Chevron Amethyst Phone Grips are the perfect gift for the crystal lover in your life. 



We fell in love with this phone grip and wanted to add it in just in time for the holidays. We only have 2 in stock. Grab them while you can.


Chevron Amethyst, also known as Dog Tooth Amethyst, is the name given to naturally occurring Amethyst and White Quartz in a banded or "V" pattern. Find this variety of Amethyst in masses with the only known localities in India, Russia, and Brazil. Chevron Amethyst is far more robust and more powerful when working with our higher chakras. This variety of Amethyst focuses explicitly on the third eye and crown chakras, activating and linking the two together. Meditating with this stone will help you attune and align with higher energies and frequencies. 


Are you obsessed with crystals as much as we are? Adorn your phone with the Chevron Amethyst Phone Grip.


Every Chevron Amethyst Phone Grip is different because it is natural.


 This listing is for ONE Chevron Amethyst Phone Grip, chosen at random.


This Luni item is ready to ship 1-2 days after ordering.

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