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Cobaltoan Calcite Tower
Cobaltoan Calcite TowerCobaltoan Calcite TowerCobaltoan Calcite TowerCobaltoan Calcite TowerCobaltoan Calcite Tower

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  • Part of our Towers collection
  • Genuine Cobaltoan Calcite
  • The tower is about 4" in height
  • This listing is for ONE Cobaltoan Calcite Tower.


Isn’t this tower GORGEOUS??? Cobaltoan Calcite has a special place in our hearts, and this tower takes our breath away. We fell in love with this beauty and had to add it to our towers collection.


We currently have the only Cobaltoan C Tower in stock, if it is meant for you, it is. It weighs 13 ounces and is about 4 inches in height. Add the Cobaltoan Calcite Tower to your home and let its beautiful healing properties fill up your space.


Cobaltoan Calcite is a talisman of love and a nurturing and soothing crystal of love and joy. It fills the heart with love for others, supports self-love, heals inner-child wounds, and relieves anxiety and stress. It is a heart chakra stone that aids in releasing buried emotions and blockages to harmonize emotions and intellect. It is uplifting and encourages us to think positively and let go of negative feelings that we may be holding onto. Cobaltoan Calcite brings increased harmony to people working together and aids in forming friendships.



Listing is for ONE Cobaltoan Calcite Tower specimen.


This Luni item is ready to ship 1 -2 days after ordering.

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