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Fluorite Points
Fluorite PointsFluorite PointsFluorite PointsFluorite PointsFluorite PointsFluorite Points

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  • Part of our Towers category
  • Genuine Fluorite
  • Sizes range from 3.5" to 4.5" in height
  • Each Fluorite point is unique; choose your desired tower.


These Fluorite Points are beautiful obelisks that would be a great addition to your crystal collection or altar.


Measurements for each tower are:

A: 3.5" in length

B: 4.5" in length

C: 4.5 in length

D: 4" in length


Blue Fluorite is a calming and serene stone that stifles anxious and worrisome thoughts creating inner peace. It enhances our spiritual awakening through its connection with our Third Eye and Chakra. Blue Fluorite heightens our intuition, clarity, and focus.


Listing is for ONE Fluorite Point specimen of your choice. Choose from A to D.


This Luni item is ready to ship 1 -2 days after ordering.

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