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Honeybee Necklace
Honeybee NecklaceHoneybee NecklaceHoneybee NecklaceHoneybee NecklaceHoneybee Necklace

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  • Bestseller
  • Minimal but sexy
  • Made of a Gold-filled chain, Brass bee charm, and pendulum that is plated in 14k Gold.
  • Falls right below the chest to accentuate the bust.


The Honeybee Necklace will become your new favorite necklace. We were inspired by the beauty and power of the Honeybee since ancient times. Bees have a long history as symbols in many cultures. For some ancient cultures, the bee symbolized the Goddess or Great Mother. In ancient Egypt, the bee was symbolic of wisdom, obedience, and regeneration. 


We wanted this piece to feel almost regal but still being minimal enough for everyday wear. It's 50% sexy and 50% unique, making it perfect for Summer.


Embrace the power of the Honeybee with this beauty.


This Luni item is made to order, so; please allow 1 to 2 weeks for shipment.

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