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Alignment Ring
Alignment RingAlignment RingAlignment RingAlignment RingAlignment RingAlignment Ring

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  • One of a kind statement ring
  • US size 9
  • Made of Sterling Silver plated in 14k Gold (Vermeil)
  • Made with a large Blue Kyanite
  • 1” ring


The Alignment ring is a bold statement piece that is made for our fiercest diosas that aren’t afraid to express themselves madly.


Blue Kyanite helps one access their mind while expanding their unique psychic abilities. It powerful energy conductor, it is known as the stone of alignment. It is an excellent stone for meditation and attunement. It will not retain negative vibrations or energy, therefore never requiring clearing. Kyanite aligns all chakras and subtle bodies instantly. It provides balance of yin-yang energy and dispels blockages, moving energy gently through the physical body. It has a calming effect on the whole being. bringing tranquility.


Align your chakras with this beauty!


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