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Luni Magic

Pineapple Quartz Mini Cluster Points

Pineapple Quartz Mini Cluster Points

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  • Part of our Crystals category
  • Genuine Pineapple Quartz clusters
  • Comes in small and medium
  • Listing is ONE Pineapple Quartz Mini Cluster Point in your desired size, chosen at random.
  • Each Pineapple Quartz Mini Cluster Point will vary slightly in size and characteristics, roughly 1' to 1.5" in length.

Aren’t these spectacular? We’re excited to add these Pineapple Quartz Mini Cluster Points to our ever evolving Luni Magic collection. 

Also called Candle Quartz, Pineapple Quartz look and feel very different from most Quartz formations. Once attuned to Pineapple Quartz meditating with one can stimulate visions and access to information from the Akashic records. It can assist with past life recall, linking ones consciousness to the highest vibrations of soul consciousness.

While working with Candle Quartz you will experience massive life force energy that is capable of removing bad habits, altering personal priorities, and in some cases completely overhauling your life path. Think of Candle Quartz as an amulet of rebirth, that reverberates our own energy into motivation, confidence, and self-appreciation. These are all necessary traits that are needed when we give ourselves a “second chance” in life. Whether it be a new career path, relationship, or a long-distance move, it takes every ounce of our being to make these goals able to be accomplished. (Excerpt from 

Choose between small or medium clusters.


The picture is a stock photo; each Pineapple Quartz Mini Cluster Points in your desired size will vary slightly in color and characteristics.


This listing is for ONE Pineapple Quartz Mini Cluster Point chosen at random.


This Luni item is ready to ship 1-2 days after ordering.






Please refer to our above description for variations.

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