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Purple Fluorite Towers
Purple Fluorite TowersPurple Fluorite TowersPurple Fluorite TowersPurple Fluorite Towers

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  • Part of our Towers collection
  • Genuine Purple Fluorite
  • Measurements for the towers are about 3.5” to 4.5" in height
  • This listing is for ONE Purple Fluorite Tower; choose your desired tower.


The Purple Fluorite Towers are beautiful obelisks that would be a great addition to your crystal collection or altar.


Purple Fluorite deepens our psychic awareness and perceptual vision and assists one to perceive the other-dimensional realms and realms of the spiritual. It teaches us discernment, awakening one to bias and deceptive beliefs. It channels healing energies to the body to assist in the transmutation and transformation of our thoughts, actions, and reactions that manifest from fear rather than love. It sharpens one’s mental aptitude, concentration, and memory and instills a sense of peace and calm.


Listing is for ONE Purple Fluorite Tower specimen; choose your desired tower.


This Luni item is ready to ship 1 -2 days after ordering. 

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