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Sacred Lotus Earrings
Sacred Lotus EarringsSacred Lotus EarringsSacred Lotus Earrings

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  • Part of the Divine Feminine collection
  • Our ode to the sacred womb
  • Made of Sterling Silver and Onyx bead
  • Lightweight
  • Falls mid-neck


The Sacred Lotus Earrings are our ode to the sacred womb, its power, mystery, and beauty. The abstract design represents the vagina with the Onyx teardrop being the clitoris. The lotus flower has been used to represent the vagina throughout history. In sacred Taoist texts, it was said to be “the core of a woman’s potent yin essence, which keeps the universe in harmonious order. “ Excerpt from Art of Bedchamber. 


The triangle upright represents masculine energy, making these beauties powerful amulets showing your ancient, sacred power. 


Onyx is known as the stone of strength. Increases concentration and determination; it is grounding, protecting, and a balancing stone. It also helps let go of unhealthy attachments to past relationships.


The Sacred Lotus Earrings were created as a reminder to our Diosas, the power we possess. Wear these earrings proudly and loudly. Honor your womb today with the Sacred Lotus earrings.


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