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Self Love Necklace
Self Love NecklaceSelf Love Necklace

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Introducing the new addition to the Divine Feminine collection, the Self Love necklace will become your new favorite everyday piece. 

We are told by society that loving and taking care of ourselves is selfish. We disagree!, a healthy daily regime of self care prepares you to give and receive love. We always preach about using adornments to assist in your Diosa journey and this new beauty is just that. Here at Luni we are all about self love and putting ourselves first!

The Self Love necklace is inspired by the properties of Rose Quartz being the Love stone, but not external love but internal. Similar to the I Choose Me ring it celebrates self love and putting yourself first. Eyes are so magical and mysterious that you can reveal as well as conceal through them. The mixture of the Rose Quartz and the eye symbolism creates a literal description of “Self Love”. The eye is you Diosa and the love you desire is already inside ❤️. Let this beauty help you bring it out to the surface and fill up your entire soul.

The Self Love necklace us made of Sterling Silver chain and pendant. At the center there is a mesmerizing Rose Quartz that is the focal point. It falls just below the clavicle, creating a practical length for everyday use. The Self Love necklace is finished off with a Sterling Silver clasp and jump ring.

Let the healing powers of Rose Quartz and the beauty of this gorgeous necklace, assist you on your Self Love journey. Let it remind you when you’re feeling down that everything is temporary and that you got this Diosa!

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